Welcome to Europe-EV!

This is the moment we've been eagerly awaiting. After months of hard work, meticulous planning, and numerous cups of coffee, we're thrilled to announce that the Europe-EV site is officially open!

Why Europe-EV?

Having been passionate about e-mobility for several years, we felt the desire to contribute our part to the field. Observing numerous communities and discussions in the world of electric vehicles (EVs), it appears that the choice of charging accessories (stations and cables) is often limited to a few expensive brands or, on the opposite, to more accessible Chinese brands.

We want to offer alternatives that are thought out and produced in Europe, for several reasons:

- There are many companies unknown in France that offer solutions for e-mobility.

- The standards of quality, safety, and working conditions are respected.

- Environmental respect is highlighted by these companies.

- We contribute to the economy of the European internal market.

What will you find on our site?

Europe-EV is primarily an online store where you can order your cables and other accessories. Our blog will also be a source of information on electric vehicles. We will also post advice related to EVs on Instagram.

See you soon on Europe-EV!

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